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Famous Paris Travel Places

Famous Paris Travel Places

Who is not familiar with the city of Paris that the exotic and beautiful? Paris as capital of France has so many awesome side so that the tourists curious to enjoy, such as culture and history that is so interesting to be known. Here can be seen a summary of attractions in Paris that can be used as a reference for that would be a vacation to Paris.
Seine River

Seine RiverNot complete your vacation if you haven’t yet reached the Seine River. From the River this is You with your family or friends can sailing and encircling Paris following throughout his charm. One way the most fun and the most fun is recommended here is by cruise ship. Not only in open deck you can enjoy all its beauty, even in the ship you can look out over the beautiful city of Paris while a romantic dinner or lunch.

To the already prepared the budget even more, please go to the rental yacht or if not allowed to directly choose to board a cruise ship there are dinnerpackages. Panorama of the evening will not be lost with that could be seen during the day, so while dinner both with spouse certainly will be more unforgettable. Special packages for dinner, would be more fitting for those of you who are honeymooning in Paris.

Specific to the Seine River cruise to enjoy the scenery, visitors for a fee ranging from GBP 24 or around, while to his dinner package imposed ranging from GBP 55 or approximately USD 1 millions.
Cruise ship tours will always there every day of the year with a duration of about 1 hour trip.
The Pont des Arts bridge or Bridges Lock of love

Built in 1981-1984, the bridge has a width of 11 meters and a length of 155 meters and was originally built as a replacement of the old bridge which was damaged. Associate a symbol of love for the love of the eternal in this place has been like a tradition. Just by writing the initials or the name of your spouse on a padlock, then menguncikannya on the railing of the bridge, after which the key can be directly thrown into the river. In addition, the interesting part of this location is usually the bridge is used for art exhibitions and outdoor recreation in the summer.

The Louvre Museum

Museum LouvreNot far from the Pont des Arts, you can pay a visit to a museum named the Louvre Museum that was once known is a French Royal Palace. The Louvre Museum was apparently included in the list of the world’s greatest museums and of course being the most popular in Paris. With the number of visits could be more than 8 million people every year, has been very clear that this is one of the attractions of one of the most visited museum in the world. Contains about 380 thousand more exhibitions of objects and works of art that add up to 35 thousand, the world’s most famous painting is the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Not only are the Mona Lisa paintings to be seen directly in the museum because, the Louvre Museum Pyramid upside down and include the Louvre pyramid. The Museum is the former Royal Palace has already existed since the year 1190, and in 1989 was i. m. Pei who was the architect of the American China built a pyramid of glass that functioned as the main entrance.

Visitors are charged 9 EUR or approximately USD 129 thousand. But if you’re headed to this place over 6 hours on Friday evening or Wednesday, then there are discounts that are put in place so as to only have to pay EUR 6 or approximately USD 86-thousand.
The Louvre Museum is open only from Wednesday until Monday. Special on Fridays and Wednesdays, the museum is open from 9 a.m. to 9.45 pm, while on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays the museum is open from 9 am to 6 pm evening only.
The Eiffel Tower

Menara EiffelIt seems that if you are speaking of a vacation to Paris but not visiting the Eiffel Tower, the colleagues you won’t believe that you’ve had a chance to set foot in Paris. This is the icon of Paris who do not get missed when already up in Paris and the keseruan will be more optimally if visitors go up to the top to be able to get a view of Paris. Come at night so the light output of the city that the city could be enshrined.

Tourists will be more satisfied with a restaurant in the tower so that all culinary tour with jog jog specialities of Paris. From the Eiffel Tower, another thing you can do is send a postcard directly in place and don’t forget also to buy presents for people homes or friends of the souvenir shop which is in the tower as well. Built in 1887-1889 in the framework of the celebration of a century to the French Revolution, the construction of the tower had garnered criticism from all over France.

The entrance ticket for only up to the 2nd floor, visitors are adults charged an entrance fee of EUR 11 or approximately USD 157,500. For visitors aged 12-24 years charged EUR 8.50. The visitors aged 4-11 years old and in need of special subject of EUR 4.
Entrance to be able to get to the top of the Tower, visitors are adults imposed of EUR 17 Visitors by age 12-24 years charged EUR 14.50. Special for visitors aged 4-11 years old and in need of special subject to a EUR 8.
The Eiffel Tower is open daily and receives visitors from 9 am until 12 pm.

MontmartreVacation spot this one is where the famous fun in Paris because it was impressed. Has the history and charm of the romantic attractions are valuable, this one always populated mostly tourists each year. The attractiveness of this location there are two, namely the ancient feel of the Windmill from ancient times to the present as well as the White is a Basilica Church on a hilltop. What drew him to enjoy the ancient windmills and churches of the Basilica? Atmosfernyalah that will make you automatically will be enchanted and open-mouthed.

In this area there are a number of shops and cafes as well as other buildings with classical structures nan unique establishment any adjacent. For travellers with a high interest towards the ancient buildings and elegant, would love to be here let alone saw some houses that have vines on its walls. Not to miss, there is also the pementas streets that would be enjoyed by any visitor.

The Basilica Church is always open for visitors every day with hours of excursions starting from 6 am to 11 pm and a half.
Visitors do not have to pay to get in, even a reservation is not required for a visit in a group.
Place de la Concorde

Place de la ConcordeParis has a square of the most widespread and also the main square which is known as the Place de la Concorde. Designed in 1755 by Jacques Gabriel with octagonal shape and there are trenches as delimiters, this location is truly unique and different from the square that is in other country or city. He made this square is to surround the statue of King Louis VX already built in 1748 (before the square stand), so no wonder if any name Place Louis XV. Anything that can be done or enjoyed during his time in the square?

There are 8 statues that marked the octagonal shape of the square and there are 8 towns in France represented by sculptures, Strasbourg, Nantes, Lyon, Brest, Bordeaus, Rouen, Marseille, and Lille.
There is also a fountain in the square called La fontaine des Mers and the Elevation of the Maritime where 1 on the South side of the Obelisk and more on its northern side.
Egypt Obelisk that has the height of 23 meters became an attraction in the square is located in the middle and even so it could immediately catch the attention of its visitors. 3,300-year-old, the construction of the obelisk was already beginning in 1836 and became one of the obelisk that is awarded by the viceroy of Egypt in the year 1829. Although there are two, but the other remained in Egypt because of the difficulty experienced in the process of pengangkutannya.
Place de la Concorde are always open to visitors 24 hours a day, and tourists can freely visit, get together and take pictures of ria.
The Arc de Triomphe

Arc de TriompheFor the uninitiated, these tourist sites collectively, the triumphal arch and the object of this one was in the form of the most popular monuments in Paris. The monument is also considered one of the greatest arch there is in history. The construction of the arch itself was originally to commemorate the victories of Napoleon and his stance is also on the basis of an order from Napoleon while still in the years 1806 after winning the battle of Austerliz against Austria.

Champ ElyseeParis known to have a elite that is indeed open to tourists both local and foreign tourists. It is in this area when they visit you’ll be sated with the window dressing-a showcase of its perfumes and branded goods. Not only shopping for expensive items and branded, tourists can also culinary tour in a number of expensive cafes in Champ Elysee. Given the width of the sidewalk in the area, so pedestrians are guaranteed safe and comfortable during the rounds.

For tourists with shopping or even addictive hobby shopping goods are expensive, this is heaven for you. If it was in the Champ Elysee, at least try to pay a visit to the Avenue Montaigne, just one example of the way that touted the most luxurious in Paris. Not just hearsay, but indeed all the way with a location in the golden triangle between the Seine River and the famous Champs Elysee to find luxury boutiques, such as Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Bulgari. So, if you are planning a vacation in Paris, bringing the budget siap-siaplah more for the sake of being able to enjoy the region’s shopping paradise.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame CathedralThe most popular church in Paris is also known as a most interesting attractions. In the style of a gothic church building, the location of the Church is to be found on a small island in the middle of the Seine River. The building of the Church is already there in the 12th century and keep in mind that the architectural style of Notre Dame with its gothic side is considered the best example of making the Church gets its popularity high. The French Archbishop mass still quite often implemented in this Cathedral.

The excitement is that travelers are not only able to pay a visit to the Cathedral, but the coolness and freshness of Seine River can be enjoyed also when being around this building. Not only can you enjoy the interior of this church, visitors are allowed to climb to the tower over so that the view of Paris will be seen clearly from there. There are also underground storage room that tourists can get lost in this church, so o Muhammad saw like from where it used to be that wants to be explored.

Don’t forget also that on the outside of the Church, there is a beautiful garden which is one of the garden that are favored by the local community. There are a myriad of other interesting places to visit when on a trip to Notre Dame Cathedral.

Visitors are not at all cost to get into Notre Dame Cathedral.
Notre Dame Cathedral is open daily from 6.45 am to 7.45 hours a night from Monday to Friday, while on Saturday and Sunday the Church is open for visitors from 7.45 a.m. to jam with 7.15 evenings.

Le Marais

Le MaraisIs a district full of history in Paris, travelers are advised to come to this area, in particular a very fond of visiting architecture. There are an awful lot of buildings or buildings with spectacular architecture that contains important historical value.

Like most of the old city that exists in many other countries and save a lot of history, on a trip here would be wonderful because there are many different types of stores can be found as well. Culinary tourism in this place can try, let alone a falafel sandwich which is typical of Jews.

Dans le Noir

Dans le NoirTravelers who like to berkuliner, do not get missed Dans le Noir who will give a unique atmosphere in the meal. As the name implies, which means in the darkness, its customers will be placed in darkness after signing in to this restaurant. So, for those who have a phobia against the darkness is not recommended to come to this place. The concept is preferred by this restaurant was game five senses where customers are invited not to wear his sight and more utilizing the sense of hearing, touch, taste and smell it.

In the darkness, the customer will only catch a whisper and a few sounds to distract guests from the jog jog dish special. The diicip menu by menu surprise and the customer is usually not common (adapted to the seasons). The tuna netra-one who serves the menu and new customers will know what the new menu of sumptuous dining event when it is completely finished.

Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil

Le Jardin des Serres d’AuteuilPerhaps some tourists not too familiar to hear the name of the location on this one. Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil is quite long and difficult indeed pronounced, but when you’re in the garden Kingdom with this beautiful super panorama certainly will not regret it. A number of greenhouse can also be found on site, this one is no exception, namely the Palmarium home large Palm. Built in the 18th century was actually founded on the orders of King Louis XV.

More effectively again, travelers will be pleased with the statue and the fountain in the Park. There are many things that try to offer the park where one is views of orchids. Apparently the beautiful orchid flowers that are seen even became a nest for a number of cute little birds. Tourists are guaranteed satisfied and happy for being in this place especially when leisure with family.

Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil is open daily and operates from 8 am to 8 pm half day Monday to Friday.
Specially on weekends, visitors can visit these sights between the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 half the night.
Porte de Clignancourt Flea Market

Porte de Clignancourt Flea MarketAlthough there are a few tourists who love to shop a new branded goods and the most expensive, but some are fond of collecting antiques for sale cheap. In Paris, the flea market that can disambangi is the Porte de Clignancourt market is indeed a antiques with totally location not far from Montmartre. As a flea market there is the oldest and the first time in Paris there are 1885, every week there are over 180 thousand visitors came.

Incredibly, the flea market one is regarded as the biggest antiques market worldwide because of being in a land with an area of 7 hectares. Tourists who come to this place will find plenty of choice in the presence of more than 2,500 outlets that cater to visitors. There are 15 areas of the market that is still in the same area, but every area of any different from offers of items according to specialty.
Visitors will not be charged in order to enter to the market of antiques.
Porte de Clignancourt Flea Market open on Saturday until Monday. Saturday open from 9 am to 6 pm Sunday evening, serving from 10 a.m. until 6 in the evening and Monday open from 11 noon to 5 pm only.
Cafe de Flore

Cafe de FloreWant to try hanging out in one of the most prestigious cafes in Paris? Cafe de Flore is the answer because in addition to being the oldest Café in Paris, the Cafe which already exists since year 1885 it had interior and exterior super classic when seen from the design. Even though we’ve been through World War II, it is not a lot of changes experienced by the cafe. Tourists are guaranteed to like art deco style that was brought on the exterior, while the Interior is downright peculiar French classical style.

A diverse menu of favorite Cafe has to offer, ranging from soups, salads, omelets, croissants, toast, until dessert. Starting from juice to a drink containing alcohol is available in the cafe, but the most recommended is the hot chocolate. To the cafe’s customers also love with ceramic goods as can be seen in the Cafe de Flore, have immediately by way of buying it in a souvenir shop in the cafe.

Bel Canto

Bel CantoWho likes travelling, of course culinary Bel Canto cannot be to have missed. When entered into the restaurant on this one, you will find the color of the safran and fire which supports Golden shades on the Interior. Each night, this place is always filled with a bunch of lyrical pianist and singer. In the restaurant You will be able to witness this is a solo singer, Quartet or duo featuring the voice of their gold in carries a snippet of the opera The Magic Flute or Carmen from one table to other tables and serves a menu to customers.

After listening to the list of tourist attractions in Paris, are increasingly impatient to be there soon? No wonder tourists from around the world yearn to travel to Paris because there are a million charm owned and offered by the French capital.


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