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China Builds Futuristic Library Collects 1.2 Million Books

China Builds Futuristic Library Collects 1.2 Million Books
E-book and e-reader has much changed the habits of the society in reading books lately. However, the conventional library and proof printed books still have a place inthe hearts of the readers.

In Tianjin, China, the local government built a large library and unique. Any large book collection reaches 1.2 million pieces. Tianjin Binhai library is already open to the public in the past month. As the name implies, the library which consists of five floors were located in Tianjin Binhai. The broad overall reach 33,700 square metres.

The library became one of the largest libraries in the world with a very creative designs. Construction project of Tianjin Binhai Library headed a construction company of origin Netherlands the MVRDV in collaboration with local architects Institute of Tianjin Urban Planning and Design.

The building which features a giant ball in the middle of his room was successfully completed in a period of about three years. Millions of books are arranged in each rack meleokleok. This is to give new sensations to the visitors as if they were walking in the eyeball.

Thus, it’s no wonder if the library was dubbed eyes of Binhai. With a white surface, the order books were more easily seen. Tianjin Binhai Library Interiors resemble the cave,” said one of the founders of MVRDV, Winy Maas, Newsweek cited.

Winy set up this building by creating a beautiful public space in it. Corners and curves in it is intended for reading, running, meet, and discuss. The atmosphere in the room of the main library of Tianjin Binhai similar to modern living room. Only, visitors are not sitting on the couch, but on top of the shelves are arranged similar to the ladder. Floors 1 and 2 is a special reading room, while the 3rd floor upwards is an area to relax, meetand also the Office.

Founders Library is Tianjin Binhai Tianjin Binhai City Government as well. The library is located adjacent to the garden is the fastest projects ever undertaken MVRDV. With the hectic schedule, one part of the essential concepts of aborted, namely access to the upper shelves of the atrium.

This change is contrary to the suggestion of MVRDV because access to the upper part of the rack is not possible. The vision of the full library of possibilities can be realized in the foreseeable future, “says MVRDV.

Since it opened on 1 October, Tianjin Binhai Library received a positive assessment and from the community, either in the media or social media. The nickname of the library are varied, ranging from China’s most beautiful Library, Ocean Science, to Super science fiction.

Tianjin Bin hai libraries is ambitious investment in the midst of the current digitalization. These adult readers prefer the e-book and e-reader that is cheaper and easy to like on Amazon Kindle. Based on The Guardian, e-book sales have been soaring higher than USD20 million in 2006 to approximately USD1 billion

Most libraries in some of the countries in the world also provides an e-book. His customers don’t even need to come straight away. They can access it through the computer, tablet or smart phone. Change of habits forced librarians think hard about how to attract the visitors.

The library building is also unique in Italy. Library Biblioteca Sandro Penna resembleflying saucers. The library is located in the city of Perugia, about 200 kilometers north of the city of Rome. Shelves and sofas looked pink due to reflected light from the glass wall that is colored pink.

Library Biblioteca Sandro Penna was first opened to the public on May 14, 2004. Number of floors reached three levels. Each floor is equipped with a work station multimedia such as internet access, access to documents, and music. Special second floorreserved only for the kids, both young or teens.

The library of the city of Stuttgart (Stuttgart City Library) in Germany also attracted a lot of attention, not only from the lovers of books, but also the expert of architecture. The building was designed Yi Architects is considered one of the most unique library. Despite the regular cube shape, the materials used are not uncommon.

Yi Architects stated, “bricks” used the frozen glass. The shape and symmetry of the hallway‘s entry also inspired from the Cenotaph for Newton works of Etienne Boullee. As for the middle area of the ancient Pantheon Design to follow. The five-storey library was opened on October 21, 2011.


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