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Symptoms of Cancer in children, you should know

Symptoms of Cancer in children, you should know
Year after year, the rate of cancer incidence in children is on the rise. The number reached 2-4% of all incident cancer in humans. While the numbers reach 110 masculinity to 130 cases per million children per year. An international report stated, 10% of deaths in children caused cancer. In Indonesia, an increase occurs due to a lack of understanding about the disease cancer. The proof, most patients came to the hospital after kankernya berstadium.

Cancer in children can occur since the baby is born and can attack almost every organ of the body of the child from various ethnic populations. Unfortunately, the causes of cancer to date not yet known for sure. However, based on experience and research, cancer in children can be caused the interaction of various factors, genetic factors or environmental influences.
In fact, cancer can be cured if its existence is known since early childhood. However, the causes of cancer in children is not easily known early because most cancers at an early stage are rarely give rise to complaints. Moreover, children are generally unable to feel any abnormalities due to clinical sign or symptom of cancer in children is not specific.

There are some cancers that are pretty much found in children. Of which ranked first was leukemia. Other types of cancer that is often encountered is a cancer of the lymph glands, eye, kidneyand brain tumors. To be aware of, let’s see together some symptoms that are often found in children. (See box.)
When you find the symptoms or signs, as a first step, check with your doctor immediately to ascertain whether caused by cancer or not. Any doctor will usually perform a number of complementary examination for diagnosis and determine the stage of disease. It could be in the first years of the child’s healthy look and just the next few years developing cancer.
Treatment of cancer in children is certainly dependent on the type, stage, and completeness of the treatment. All attempted to achieve a cure, rather than merely prolong it. Hope of recovery became more when cancer patients were able to go beyond the lifetimes of 5 years after treatment. Even on some types of cancer require less time than that.
Although until now the cause of the disease is still mysterious and difficult cancer detected at early stages, parents need not worry excessively if there is a family historyof cancer. We recommend that you sikapi are proportional and calm.


1. Leukemia
Leukemia or blood cancer is the most common cancer found in children. The number is less than 30% of all cancers in children. The number of the highest incidence occurred in children aged 3-6 years.
Symptoms that need to be particularly aware of:

* Pale coupled lethargic or weak. This condition generally associated with reduced appetite.

* Fever of unknown cause.

* Abnormal Bleeding that is easily visible on the skin.

* Skin surface appears blackish blue or hematoma whereas before no fall or bump.

* Pain in the limbs (bone).

* Stomach palpated hard or swollen, and swollen lymph nodes.

2. Brain Tumor
Brain tumor attacking the parts of the brain. Either a benign or malignant tumor will give problem
the same severity because the brain is located in the cavity of the skull is limited. The impact caused both the same tumor type, that is damaging to the struktrur as well as the arrangement of the function of the central nervous.
Symptoms to look out for:
* Headaches accompanied by nausea or vomiting a Gush, or reduced vision is impaired, and there is a decreased awareness or behavior change.
* In his baby is the magnitude of the Cantle.
* There is a disturbance of speech or balance of weakened limbs (lame) or seizures.

3. Retinoblastoma
Cancer in the retina of the eye is most often found in children between the ages of 6 months to 2 years.
Symptoms that need to be particularly aware of:
* White patches in the central part of the eye (the retina) which seems to shine when the light touches (such as cat’s eye), vision is impaired or eyes become cross-eyedand at an advanced stage, the eyeball looks outstanding.

4. Cancer of the lymph nodes
This disease has the highest incidence figures on children aged 5-7 years.
Symptoms that need to be particularly aware of:
* Enlargement and swelling of the lymph nodes that are progressive in the neck, armpits, or groin. These symptoms are generally not accompanied by signs of infection.
* The child became weak, lethargic, and decreased appetite.


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