Monday 19th February 2018

Secret Ways to Optimize Your iPhone Performance

Secret Ways to Optimize Your iPhone Performance

iPhone is an impressive mobile device with hundreds of features already known by many users, or that are still hidden.

This time, I would review some tips and tricks that will certainly help you to maximize the capabilities and features of the ‘ hidden ‘ in the iPhone.

1. Lock the Application with the features of Guided Access

Like most other iPhone users, are often faced with situations in which the iPhone used had to be used to play games or other entertainment by friends, family to the niece who is still small.

Through Guided Access feature, you can lock specific applications and prevents users other than you to use the Home button, Sleep, and Volume
To find Guided Access, go to the menu Settings > General Accessibility > > Guided Access.

2. Select many photos

On the application of the Photo, you can select multiple photos at once at the same time by sweeping your finger iPhone screen on top of the thumbnail.

To use this feature, open the folder Photos in applications and select Select. After that, you just choose which photos you want to delete with the iPhone screen with a finger sweep.

3. Desktop Display in Safari

To access the desktop display in the Safari browser, you only need to hold the button refresh of an existing column in the URL address to display the options Request Desktop Site.
4. The forced Refresh App Store

Never experienced a situation where the look of the App Store isn’t appearing? If Yes, then you can press any tab in the App Store as much as 10 times to force the application refreshes the display.

5. Mark Screenshots and photos
In the application the Photos, you can add a caption to the picture or screenshot with text until up to a magnifying glass. To do so, open the application the Photos, select the photo or screenshot and tap the Edit button to enter editing mode.

From here, tap the button icon three dots (…) that appears in the top left of the screen to bring up the Photo Editor options and select the Markup

6. Close all Tabs in Safari
For those of you who frequent browsing on the iPhone, Safari perambang. This is one of the tips that made his debut first on iOS 10.
If you want to cover the whole of the tabs in Safari, you only need to press and hold the button in switcher and select Close Tabs.

7. remove the entire application from memory
iPhone you increasingly slows down its performance? If Yes, then it is time you remove the entire application operates.

To do this, you just need to press and hold the Sleep button until the Slide to power off.

Sleep button off, then press and hold the Home button until iOS automatically returns to the Home screen. After the return to the Home screen, you’ll realize all applications that menyedor the performance of RAM has been turned off by force.

So, whether the seven tricks that our auto summary already you know? Don’t forget to share other iPhone tricks that you should know.


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