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How to Redden Black Lips Quickly Naturally

How to Redden Black Lips Quickly Naturally
Up to now there are still many people who believe that the very concern for men on the face of the woman who is second only to the lips. Therefore some women focus on the care of her beauty in this section for example doing embroidery lips to get the red color is permanent. When you have a problem of blackened lips, you can try how the Black Lips Redden without removing large funds as treatments for embroidery lips or other medical methods. Here is the information for you.

Lips that turn into dark can happen due to sunburn, mix lipstick ingredients cause irritation, smoking and the habit of drinking coffee. Some of these natural ingredientsyou can try as a solution to the problem:


How the Black Lips Redden naturally one is using lime mixed honey. First, squeeze the lemon to get ektraknya is approximately as much as 1 tablespoon, and then mix with pure honey to taste. Stir the concoction until evenly distributed and then apply it on your lips. Let sit for a moment and then the lips are cleaned with warm water. Do routinely to be rosy lip color back.


To make the potion of Saffron you need pure turmeric powder without mixture that you can get at a pharmacy. Mix turmeric powder with liquid cow’s milk to taste and then stir into the pasta. Apply it on your lips and let stand as indicated in the recipes1. If the paste already dry out, wipe with warm water.

Coriander leaves

Cilantro can be a potent natural recipe to make lip color back red. Way, to taste cilantro mashed until smooth, and then apply it on your lips. When it is a bit dry immediately rinse with warm water.
Almond oil
Blackened lips can be triggered due to lack of moisture on your lips. You live this almond oil slathered on your lips and mendiamkannya briefly. After that the lips can be cleaned with cotton dipped warm water.

Natural Scrubs

In addition to skin, lips also need discrub on a regular basis to remove dead skin cells and impurities. Here’s how you can make a mixture of water, lemon juice, lime juice or mixed a little granulated sugar. Apply the herb on the lips, then rub gently using cottonbud. Finally, clean the herb with tepid water. You will feel your lips become softer and moisturized.
In addition to applying the Black Lips Redden way above, remove the bad habit of licking or biting of the lips. Saliva contains enzymes that serve to digest food and their impact for your lips is causing the lips dry out. Well, hopefully add insight.


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