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How to make Natural cream bath, for the hair does not Inflate

How to make Natural cream bath, for the hair does not Inflate
The problems often experienced by those who have the kind of hair is dry and thin hair is often seen is a mess and expand so as if you are having a bad hair day every day. If you are so sure there is no other choice for you except for tying the hair or menggelungnya with tight on the head so that it cannot look messy. Surely there’s a way so that the hair does not inflate with treatments using natural ingredients. But of course you never can get the result instantly if treatment is not done consistently.Well, so this is some alternative solution that you can try at home.

As well as how to care for your curls, reambath can be one effective way so that the hair is not fluffy but that does not mean that every single time you have to visit a beauty salon to do this maintenance subscription. Cream bath can also be done at home using natural ingredients. Besides being able to minimize the use of chemicals on your hair, cream bath yourself at home also does not require a lot of funds. The following are the natural ingredients that you can use.

Milk cream bath
Liquid cow’s milk can be a natural cream bath ingredients to make hair smoother and easy set up. Here’s how:

Wash hair in advance in order to be free of oil and dirt and then under until it feels humid or half dry.
Then apply a liquid cow’s milk on the whole your hair starting from the roots to the ends of the hair until evenly distributed.
Wrap hair in a towel that has been dipped in warm water and let sit for ½ an hour so that the nutrients milk absorbed perfectly.
After 30 minutes rinse hair without using shampoo and let it dry naturally.
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Lemon and coconut milk cream bath
The trick is quite simple:

Mix half a cup of lemon extract and half cup thick coconut milk and stir until evenly distributed.
Enter the herb in the fridge until herb changed shape into a paste.
Apply on clean hair.
Cover hair with a shower cap or towel that has been dipped in warm water as a substitute for steam hair salon-salon.
Let stand for 1 hour then rinse hair until clean.
You will soon feel pleased, after Your hair is dry hair will feel more limp and soft hand.

Celery leaves
Herbs as flavors Enhancer has been historically popular as a natural fertilizer efficacious and penghitam hair. In addition the leaves of celery is also quite good for treating dry hair and the expanding as it has the effect of moisturizing. To obtain extracts:

Take celery leaves to taste, wash clean, then puree with a blender with water added to taste.
When it is smooth then strain the herb celery leaf extract and let sit for overnight.
The next day the herb is ready to use as an ingredient in natural cream bath procedure above.
In addition to natural cream bath ingredients above, you can also use natural ingredients of olive oil and coconut oil as a nutritious cream bath herb to “tame the hair . As a precautionary measure, from now on do not use a blow dryer to dry the hair. This has resulted in increasingly arid and hair will be more messy. Use a silk pillowcase sleep so that Your hair the next day could remain neat. Well, the natural ingredients which one you choose as a way so that the hair does not inflate?


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