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How To Make Minimalist House Design Concept

How To Make Minimalist House Design Concept

There are a lot of images that can be used as a reference for a minimalist House design. However, not many know what it’s minimalist concept. In fact, the definition of the concept of minimalist House must be known to ensure that House are designed to actually have a minimalist design, not just part of it. Therefore, the definition of a minimalist House design must be known.

There are at least two points of view should be explained first before defining what the concept of a minimalist House, the exterior and interior viewpoint. In terms of exterior, the house has a minimalist design has geometric shapes and bold lines. Line becomes the dominant element in House design minimalist. Typically, vertical lines and horizontal lines dominate the exterior side of the house with a minimalist design. In addition, the horizontal line vertikan and often repeated.

In addition, the impression of width is also visible from the outside. Actually, minimalist house usually built on land that is not too broad. However, with some features such as the shape of the window is widened to give the impression that the house looks very spacious from the outside. Not only that. Occupants will also feel the looseness in the house for almost the entire area in the room getting sunlight. From the top of the house is minimalist, roofs are usually flat or at least nearly flat. This is because the minimalist house more emphasis on simplicity.

From the interior, what is the concept of minimalist House can be explained by two things. The first, interior ornaments that are not too complicated. Almost all of the design minimalist House is not equipped with carved ornaments. The second was visible open space. One thing that is a special characteristic of minimalist House design is the absence of much insulation between rooms one with another chamber. Typically, only a divider between the room furniture can be moved at any time. In addition, the bulkhead is not 100 percent obstruct a person’s view of the space one with another chamber. Briefly, what is the concept of minimalist House can be regarded as a concept house that is not too complicated that emphasizes comfort for occupants.

Simple minimalist modern House design put forward the concept that is simple yet modern style. In addition to its modern design, the design of this architecture tend to be more efficient, affordable and cheap in the side of the budget. Menojol traits of this concept is a terrace house is simple, and elegant roof.

Arrangement and interior decoration minimalist style will give the impression of elegance to your House. Some things to note in the interior of the room is the selection of furniture, paint, lighting or lights, and ornaments / accessories. Choose furniture that not many ornaments. To paint, choose an elegant paint combinations for the main colors and accent colors. To give the impression of a spacious room and as hiasang space, install a large mirror. Picture frames and bookshelves can also ditambahan as a decoration in the living room. Well, that was a few tips for House interior decoration is minimalist.


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